How to meet beautiful women and my honest opinion

Finally the secrets of how to meet beautiful women on Facebook. Here is going to show you how to find the best place to meet women  to revamp your profile and engineer your seduction environment that can literally look at your profile page and get moist between their legs while clicking through it. Using Status updates are a way to let your Facebook friends know what’s going on in your world. These can be short messages, photos, videos or links to something you want to share with people. Your friends can them “like” them or comment on them. Clever or interesting status updates will gain popularity. The more people like or comment on your updates, the more peoples’ news feeds it’s going to get to. If you are able to post awesome updates more frequently, you’ll increase your popularity with hot girls day by day, without even noticing.
Environment Engineering Tips For Status Updates
a. Your goal is to come up with status updates that people will like and be keen to
comment on. Some of the best subjects relate to personal motivation and
development (something you’re working on, or doing, to better yourself); current
affairs (particularly celebrity gossip, since women eat this stuff up); and humor (a
funny YouTube video, for example).
b. Try to update your status with something that includes some of your friends. This
way, they’re more likely to notice it, and like your post and comment on it. Your
update will go to their friends’ news feeds, and you’ll “go viral” among your entire
Facebook social network.
(TIP: When I hang out with friends, I usually take a few pictures with my phone of
me and the group having fun. I upload a pic to my Facebook profile afterwards,
and “tag” my friends in the pic. I write a funny caption, too. Now, the friends of
mine in the picture are all going to comment on my post and “like” it, and their
friends see it, too. This raises my social value; everyone sees me as a popular
person who leads a fun, active lifestyle.)
c. “Motivational” updates are great. When you’re able to inspire people or build
their confidence with your words, they’ll appreciate it—and pay closer attention
to your status updates.
d. People love to laugh, and humorous status updates are another way to get “likes”
and comments. The idea here isn’t to post the “joke of the day.” Make it personal
and original. If you experience anything weird and funny that you think will make
your friends chuckle (and perhaps relate to), share it via a status update. The
shorter, the better. They don’t want to read an essay.
a. It’s a bad idea to steal other peoples’ status updates. Unless of course they’re
quotes or sayings. Even if they are, it’s going to look very cheap on your timeline
when people who’ve seen the same thing on someone else’s see it there. So,
don’t ever directly copy and paste someone else’s update.
b. A LOT of people on Facebook go on posting song lyrics on their status updates. I
used to do it from time to time, but later realized it wasn’t really a good idea.
People have probably already heard the song, so there’s no reason for them to be
interested in this type of update.
c. The worst kind of mistake people make regarding updating their status is trying to
show people how miserable or depressed they are. Weird, creepy status updates
will get you nowhere with women.
d. Do not update your status constantly, because it shows your social network that
you have way too much time on your hands. And have a purpose behind each
status update. I see too many people on Facebook posting about stupid, trivial
stuff that makes it seem as if they are desperate for attention. In this category, I
would include people who post pictures of the last meal they ate. Does anyone
really give a shit about what you had for lunch? (Unless you happen to be on
vacation in some fascinating spot, like the time I was in Tokyo and posted a
picture of myself with couple of cute Japanese waitresses after eating the best
sushi I’d ever had in my life. That’s an example of a post that conveys some social
More On Likes and Comments…
Facebook gives you the ability to publicly announce your opinions and preferences to
your friends. Just as your friends and like and comment on your posts, you can do the
same for others. What you choose to like, and comment on, is another way in which
you showcase your personality to your social network.
Environment Engineering Tips For Tagged Photos
a. If you have a really cool image you want to show someone, but you don’t want to
make a direct comment about it, you can tag that person’s name to the photo.
b. Get your friends to tag photos of you that make you look like a “high social
status” guy.
a. Don’t get tagged for doing anything stupid, or anything that will make you look
bad. Remember, your profile is public and people who check this can see what
you have been up to.
b. Don’t use the tagging photo option to send a girl too many unrelated images—
Otherwise, this will be perceived as being spammy and this makes you annoying. A
few times is ok, but don’t make this a habit. This hidden feature needs to be used
with caution.
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Useful tips on how to pick up girls on Facebook

When you meet new girls on Facebook, you can interact women at your leisure and even simultaneously. You’re usually forced to focus your own attention of how to meet new girls on  online. If women observe you flirting with multiple females, you’ll look like a sleaze ball. You can chat with several women at once.

Zero Competition

One of the problem about going out to bars and clubs or any places to pick up women. There are tons of other dudes that you’re forced to compete against guys. Guys who are better looking and stronger than you. Every smoking hot girls have men on her “friends list” who pose in front of mirrors to display their ripped physiques and tattoos or who stand in front of their mansions and sport cars. These men seem they’re God’s gift to women. You may think “if she has guy friends like THAT, what chance would I have?” The real answer is those muscle head and millionaires will stand NO chance against you, if you use Dean Cortez method.

Your Seduction Environment=Your Facebook Profile

It takes women around “judge” a profile and determines whether or not a guy is good in bed. Make sure you present yourself correctly, and control all of the elements within your Facebook profile to create an attractive first impression. The best way to meet girls is increase your social value would be accepted. Anything that decreases your social value should be edited or else it rejected. Your Facebook profile represents who you are, and what you’re all about when women are giving it a look. Many guys who repel women without realizing, because they don’t grasp the concept of Environment Engineering.  It explains each feature and element of your Facebook profile wall, and then provides you with Environment Engineering do’s and don’ts. This is the fastest and easiest way to revamp your profile to make you totally F##kable to any girl who crosses your profile.    

 Do not use the “poke” function to try and get her attention


Why? Well because a hot girl would be receiving so many pokes from random guys it would get annyoing.


I know the poke function is fun and cool to play with, but you have to understand that it does nothing to convey your personality.


In fact you’re just another guy who can’t think of anything original to say, so that’s why you decided to poke her. You want to engage women online in a way that makes you stand out from the rest of the chumps. That is why you need to avoid using the same techniques that all the other guys use otherwise you’ll run the risk of being lumped together as another weirdo.


Do send her a funny short and interesting first message


You want to let her know that you are a very interesting person. The only way to convey this to her is by sending her something unique and customized to her profile. Make sure it’s funny, and a bit cocky. This lets her know that you’re not just an average joe and you are very confident about yourself. You have somewhere to go and you know how to get there. This is attractive to women, so make a point when you message her. Be sure to tease her a little also as it makes her want to message you back because you have given her a compelling reason to do so. This is how to pickup girls on Facebook. Give her a reason to want to message you back and soon enough you’ll be asking for her MSN and number and she’ll actually want to give it to you!


Do not give her the impression that you are illiterate


Yes guys, this means you need to communicate with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. You need to show her that you’re not an idiot and you did pass basic English in primary school. If you come across as a guy who is unintelligible, then no matter how attractive you are she’s just going to think you’re a dumbass. Please, spend time to read what you write and proof read your sentences. This sounds really basic, but the amount of guys who still messages girls as if they were little 14 year olds amazes me!


Get a plan


Seduction online is much more methodical than most guys realize. There is a step by step process that all guys can follow as long as they implement it. For example, you can set yourself up so that you message 5 interesting girls a day or whatever. That works wonders.

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The secret tips of how to find girls on Facebook

Almost 90% ladies shut down your friendship requests. The reason why this is happening this is because many men were looking for romantic opportunities in the social network. The best way to meet women on Facebook is refraining from utilizing shallow and superficial criteria. A geographic search is the best one because you will get chances to meet new girls that interest you. Refraining from Befriending anything female on Facebook.

3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When On Adult Dating Sites

Have you tried online dating on adult sites?


I know internet dating may sound a little lame STILL, but we’re now at an age where meeting someone online is generally accepted as not only for geeks is real people use it.


Yes, I’m talking about real hot women also use it as well.


So that has led me to write this article about online dating specifically for adult sites.


I know there are a lot of guys out there who just are not interested in relationships – that’s perfectly fine. Maybe their lifestyle or life stage at the moment just doesn’t allow them to develop a good long term loving relationship.


But they still want to meet women and have sex in the meantime.


So what does a guy have to do in order to fill their sexual desires whilst not spending a lot of time forever wasting their time at clubs and bars where the situation and environment does NOT work in their favor?




Go on online dating sites where women are actively looking for sexual partners and are not hung up with emotional issues about it.


That’s probably the single biggest selling point for adult online dating.

The women there are looking for sex.




Sign me up I hear you say!?


But have you ever paused for a moment to think about what are the disadvantages?


Well, here are the main disadvantages to online dating at adult sites:


1. If you sign up for a free account only you may be bombarded with fake messages. Since it’s not a secret that online dating sites make money when you PAY for their membership, most of them lure you in by giving you a “FREE ACCOUNT” so you can check out the sexy girls on the sites and see what’s out there. Most of the time this is what happens. Since you’re restricted by most adult dating sites from sending messages to other members, you’re going to be unable to respond back to women who message you. So what a lot of sites do this is.

 They use fake profiles with sexy women to contact and bombard FREE members with invitations for sex… so you’ll be thinking “oh this is great, I have 10 sexy girls wanting to have sex with me and I just signed up”.


But since you’re not able to respond to their messages as a free member, you quickly upgrade your membership to the paid status. Then you start messaging all these sexy girls back, but for some reason or another NONE of them turn out to be a real sexual experience and in the end you just end up turning to internet porn.


2. The photos are sexy as hell, but when you actually meet her it’s another story.

Since we live in the digital age, it’s amazing what a few touch ups with Photoshop can do with a person’s profile picture. Imagine this, you sent out 100 messages to girls over the past week and the response rate is less than you like, however there’s one girl that seems to fit your criteria and she seems to be keen for sex. So you arrange to meet up with her. When you arrive, you see a girl that kind of resembles the profile picture of the girl you saw online, but is 10 times less attractive…


so what do you do now? Do you end up settling or do you think to yourself “hmm… I should have done some better quality control”.


3. You don’t even get a real response – at all. This is probably the most common problem guys face online. They just don’t know how to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get responses from women who are both attractive and hot and ready for sex. They don’t know what kind of message to send to girls to get their interest and even if a girl is interested, and checks out the profile of the guy, they see a lame profile that is either boring or creepy as hell and scares them away…click here!

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A useful article about how to meet someone inspired by Dean Cortez

My aim was to create a Dean Cortez where to meet girls and after reading the actual guide through I found some interesting things. Dean Cortez shows you how to meet someone on Facebook and hook up with her. Dean Cortez met lot of amazing hot beautiful women for the first time on Facebook. He said some women live in his city. Others live in places around the world that he traveled to. Dean Cortez explains the statistics that billion people around the world are members of Facebook. Hot chick LOVE to spend time on Facebook. They spend time on it than guys do. Women can entertain themselves for HOURS on this site, and millions of them do it every single day. He comes to the conclusion that Facebook is the most “target rich” location of them all. Finding the easiest place to meet women in your area can bang them in the real worlds, as soon as possible. Women not only meet your physical criteria, but also share your interests. He called this guide “The Facebook Fuck Buddy Formula” because he personally used the world’s #1 social networking site to attract numerous women into his bed for strings-attached fun. When he get horny any night of the week, he know how to log on Facebook account and meet a new, hot girl within minutes by using his own method. A unique method that can teach you how to meet new girls. It also teach you how to pick up women in the “real world” is easy, because The Facebook Seduction System will help you achieve that. You can find hot girls on Facebook by using these awesome tips to sleep with girls or just be friends.


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